ALPHA ultrasonic cleaning machines

Ultrasonic cleaning machines Alpha IBERKLEEN

The models ALPHA are ultrasonic cleaning machines for small parts.

They allow you to clean parts and components on a desktop computer.

They have a digital panel where you can set temperature and time.

The models of the ALPHA series are ideal for laboratories and workshops and range from 5 to 60 litres. 

Ultrasonic power in a desktop unit. 

In addition, the tanks are heat-insulated.


Characteristics of the ALPHA ultrasonic cleaning machines

Dato técnico / Modelo ALPHA 5 ALPHA 15 ALPHA 35 ALPHA 60
Tank capacity
5 litres
15 litres
35 litres
60 litres
Ultrasound power
200 W
400 W
800 W
1200 W
Heating power
190 W
380 W
1000 W
2000 W
Internal measurements
220x180x170 mm
350x200x300 mm
450x260x350 mm
600x350x350 mm
Useful measures
200x160x130 mm
330x180x260 mm
430x240x310 mm
580x330x310 mm
External measures
1100x930x920 mm
1350x1080x950 mm
1530x1130x1000 mm
1680x1180x1100 mm

Photo gallery ALPHA ultrasonic cleaning machines


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