BELLATIX + manual parts washer

Manual washer BELLATIX +

The new BELLATIX + manual parts washer is a manual washing machine efficiency of medium pressure (up to 30 bar).

This innovative manual washing booth allows thorough cleaning by applying hot water in a cabin with gloves to avoid splashes and vapours.

With its foot control, integrated gloves and visor for splash-free cleaning, this equipment offers you comfort and precision.

It works by means of a brush with pressurised water and incorporates a blow gun and tap to aid cleaning.

Select the ideal temperature and enjoy a tailor-made wash with our BELLATRIX + manual washing machine!

Characteristics of the BELLATIX + manual parts washers

Dato técnico / Modelo BELLATIX 900 +
Washing pressure
30 bar
Tray dimensions
900x600 mm
Carrying capacity
50 kg
Tank capacity
65 litres
220V- 1 PH - 50 HZ
Heating power
1 x 2.5 kW
Pneumatic supply
6-8 bar

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