GAMMA S-420 Spray gun washer

Gamma S-420 Gun Washing Machine

Discover our spray gun washer GAMMA S-420 The only one of its kind that offers you the option of manual or automatic washing, depending on your needs.

This machine is designed to work with solvent, ensuring efficient and effective cleaning.

It has a system of automatic fume extractionensuring a safe working environment free of unpleasant odours.

The automatic washing is carried out by means of a powerful diaphragm pump. which uses recirculating fluid, guaranteeing thorough cleaning of your guns.

The final washing is done with clean solventThe second pulsed diaphragm pump, using a second, pulsed diaphragm pump, allows for precise and complete rinsing.

For added safety, the automatic wash lid has a mechanical lock during operation, preventing accidental opening and ensuring a safe process.

This washing machine also incorporates a venturi pump to extract the clean solventensuring an efficient cleaning process at all stages.

An additional feature is its ability to carry out colour proofingThis allows you to adjust and verify paint shades accurately.

The machine is made of high quality stainless steelThis ensures long-term durability and strength.

In addition, complies with the stringent ATEX II 2G safety regulations.This makes it suitable for use in potentially explosive environments.

Characteristics of the gun washer GAMMA S-420

Dato técnico / Modelo GAMMA S-420
74 kg
692mm x 685 mm x 1.490 mm
Air pressure
min: 6 bar - max: 8 bar
Extractor diameter
150 mm
Number of guns per cycle


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