Gun washer GAMMA W-160

Gamma W-160 Gun Washer

Discover our efficient spray gun washer designed for the use of GAMMA W-160 waterborne paint.. This machine offers you a high quality cleaning process without compromising the environment.

Flushing is carried out manually using a venturi pump which ensures effective flushing with recirculation fluid.

In addition, it has a final wash by means of a nebuliser that uses clean water, ensuring a flawless finish on your guns.

For a complete final drying, this washer includes a blow gun that will allow you to remove any water residue and ensure fast and efficient drying.

In addition, this washer extractor is equipped with a water-paint separation kit, which facilitates the correct management and disposal of the waste generated during the cleaning process.


The machine is made of stainless steelThis ensures durability and resistance in demanding environments.

Also, complies with ATEX II 2G safety standardsensuring its safe use in potentially explosive areas.

Characteristics of the gun washer GAMMA W-160

Dato técnico / Modelo GAMMA W-160
50 kg
490mm x 690 mm x 1.490 mm
Air pressure
min: 6 bar - max: 8 bar
Water tank capacity
50 l


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