Gun washer GAMMA WS-4260

Gun washer Gamma WS-4260

Paint spray gun washer The versatile machine combines automatic and manual washing with different cleaning options.

Discover our outstanding paint spray gun washer that offers you multiple options to ensure efficient cleaning.

This machine combines automatic and manual washing with both solvent and you the flexibility you need in your cleaning process.

For water washingThe unit is equipped with a venturi pump that uses recirculation fluid to ensure effective flushing.

The final wash is carried out with a nebuliser that uses clean water, ensuring an impeccable finish. It also includes a blow gun for final drying, guaranteeing a residue-free result.

In the solvent areaThe washer offers automatic washing by means of a diaphragm pump using recirculation liquid.

The automatic wash lid is mechanically locked during operation, ensuring safety at all times.

A venturi pump is also used to extract the clean solvent, ensuring efficient cleaning at all stages.

The final flushing with clean solvent is carried out by means of a nebuliser, leaving your guns ready for use.

In addition, this washing machine offers you the possibility of carry out colour testsallowing you to adjust and check paint shades according to your needs.

The machine is made of high quality stainless steelensuring durability and strength.

Complies with ATEX II 2G safety standardsmaking it a reliable and safe choice for use in potentially explosive environments.

Characteristics of the gun washer GAMMA WS-4260

Dato técnico / Modelo GAMMA WS-4260
107 kg
990mm x 690 mm x 1.490 mm
Air pressure
min: 6 bar - max: 8 bar
Water tank capacity
50 l
Number of guns per cycle
Extractor diameter
150 mm


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