Gun washer GAMMA WS-50

Gamma WS-50 Gun Washer

Compact machine for gun cleaningA practical solution to keep your guns spotless.

This small-sized gun washer is ideal for those looking for a manual option that can be operated by hand. to be used with both water and solvent.

It has two containers of 5 litres each: one for the dirty liquid and one for the clean liquid.

Includes two independent pumpsOne for the dirty liquid and one with a nebuliser for the clean liquid.

In addition, it is equipped with a brush for a complete manual wash, covering all parts of the spray gun, such as spray nozzles, paint tank, agitator mixers, paint filters and more.


An outstanding feature is its built-in vacuum systemwhich helps to keep the environment clean and free of waste.

The machine is made of stainless steelThis guarantees its durability and resistance.

It is worth mentioning that this equipment complies with ATEX II 2G safety standardsThis means that it has been designed and certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Characteristics of the gun washer GAMMA WS-50

Dato técnico / Modelo GAMMA WS-50
7 kg
260mm x 280 mm x 830 mm
Air pressure
min: 6 bar - max: 8 bar


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