Manual parts washer VEGA

The models VEGA are manual high-pressure parts washers.

On these models you can clean parts with a pressure adjustable up to 150 barin a closed environment.

They allow you to clean parts quickly and accurately.

The vertical opening of the door allows you to place it against a wall. and take up very little space.

As standard, they are equipped with a high pressure lance, blow gun and a TRIPLE filtering system, unique in the market.


Main features and details that will help you in cleaning:

  • Water temperature regulator to aid cleaning.
  • High pressure lance up to 150 bar adjustable.
  • Blow gun.
  • Triple filtering system.


  • Rotating platform.
  • Disc de-oiler for collecting surface oil


Characteristics of the VEGA manual parts washers

Dato técnico / Modelo VEGA 900 VEGA 1100
Usable dimensions
890x720x800h mm
1,150x720x800h mm
Tank capacity
70 litres
120 litres
400V - 3 PH - 50 HZ
Heating power
4,50 kW
6 kW
Washing pump pressure
Up to 150 bar - Adjustable
Pneumatic supply
6-8 bar
AISI 304 parts in contact with water
950 x 650 x 2000 mm
1200 x 850 x 2100 mm

Demonstration video VEGA manual parts washer

Operation of the VEGA washing machine

Operation of the de-oiling disc 

Photo gallery VEGA manual parts washer


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