SIRIUS + rotary and manual parts washer

rotary and manual parts washer SIRIUS +

The new model SIRIUS + is a manual rotary parts washer for degreasing.

They allow you to clean parts automatically and also manually thanks to their 100 bar pump.

The The control panel is very easy and intuitive. and you can set the temperature and time.

It incorporates a door lock (for one minute) and steam extractor to comply with safety regulations.

In addition, the tanks are heat-insulated to prevent the water from cooling and to save energy.

Main features and details that will help you in cleaning:

  • 100 bar hand pump with a gun to high pressure(Allows for quick cleaning of parts or automatic re-cleaning).
  • Water temperature regulator to aid cleaning.
  • Disc de-oiler to keep the water more effective for longer.
  • Two pipelines.
  • Panels under basket with chip and parts collection filters.
  • Wheels for moving

Characteristics of the SIRIUS + rotary and manual parts washers

Dato técnico / Modelo SIRIUS +
Basket diameter
1,150 mm
Washing height
650 mm
Carrying capacity
450 kg
Tank capacity
200 litres
400V - 3 PH - 50 HZ
Heating power
2 x 7.50 kW
Washing pump pressure
3 bar
Pneumatic supply
6-8 bar
Steam extractor
0.75 kW
430 kg

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