Ultrasonic cleaning machines POLARIS

Ultrasonic cleaning machine POLARIS IBERKLEEN

The models POLARIS are ultrasonic cleaning machines for medium and large parts.

This ultrasonic cleaning machines allow you to clean parts by immersion by means of the placement in a pneumatic basket.

This pneumatic system allows batting during cleaning which helps a lot in cleaning.

They have a digital touch screen where you can programme the entire cleaning process, raise the platform for the placement of parts, etc.

The models of the POLARIS series have standard capacities from 160 to 4,000 litres but can be completely custom-made

*The 160x model has a smaller touch screen than the 160 and does not include the side filter. It is designed to be a very powerful device at a good price.

Some of its main features:

  • Closing cover protected against temperature.
  • Vertical transducerscan be positioned as required.
  • Designs ultra-optimised in power and dimensions.
  • Ultrasonic manufacturing 100×100 in Spain.

Characteristics of the POLARIS ultrasonic cleaning machines

Dato técnico / Modelo POLARIS 160X POLARIS 160 POLARIS 310 POLARIS 420 POLARIS 600 POLARIS 940 POLARIS 1500 POLARIS 4000
Tank capacity
160 litres
160 litres
310 litres
420 litres
600 litres
940 litres
1500 litres
4000 litres
Ultrasound power
1.5 kW
1.5 kW
3 kW
4,5 kW
6 kW
7,5 kW
12 kW
24 kW
Heating power
3 kW
4,5 kW
6 kW
7,5 kW
9 kW
12 kW
15 kW
18 kW
Internal measurements
700x460x450 mm
700x550x350 mm
950x700x550 mm
1100x750x600 mm
1250x800x700 mm
1500x900x800 mm
1700x1100x1000 mm
2550x1500x1200 mm
Useful measures
680x440x350 mm
680x440x350 mm
930x560x390 mm
1080x610x440 mm
1230x660x540 mm
1480x760x640 mm
1680x960x840 mm
2530x1360x1040 mm
External measures
1100x930x920 mm
1100x930x920 mm
1350x1080x950 mm
1530x1130x1000 mm
1680x1180x1100 mm
1930x1320x1200 mm
2130x1520x1400 mm
2980x1950x1600 mm

Demonstration video POLARIS ultrasonic cleaning machines

Operation POLARIS 160X

Photo gallery POLARIS ultrasonic cleaning machines


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