Wet blast machines - WET BLASTING - HYDRABLAST

HYDRABLAST wet blasting

The machines of wet blasting (WET BLASTING) of the series HydraBlast differ from classic sandblasting machines mainly in the finish achieved, offering a homogeneous and balanced surface.

They do not damage the surface.

They are equipped with Jet filtering Clicktempered glass window
with automatic windscreen wipers and LED interior lighting.

They have a semi-automatic sludge discharge system.

The wet blasting is a process in which water in combination with very fine-grained abrasives is used to remove (without damage) coating, corrosion or other surface imperfections.

The wet blasting (WET Blasting) is a cleaning process that uses a high-pressure water jet to remove coatings, contaminants, corrosion and hard surface residues. 

It is similar to dry blasting, except that the blast media is wetted before it hits the surface.

Advantages of wet blasting [WET BLASTING]

  • Dust-free process: Wet blasting does not generate dust, making it ideal for indoor applications or dust-sensitive environments.
  • Increased security: Wet blasting reduces the risk of fires and explosions, as the water helps to dissipate heat and energy.
  • Better finish: Water helps to smooth the surface and remove imperfections.
  • Increased efficiency: Wet blasting can be more efficient than dry blasting, as the water helps to transport the abrasive material.

Wet blasting applications [WET BLASTING]

Wet blasting has a wide range of applications, including:

  • Preparation of surfaces for painting: Wet blasting effectively removes paint, rust and other contaminants, preparing the surface for a new coat of paint.
  • Cleaning of industrial components: Wet blasting is used to clean industrial components such as engines, machinery and structures.
  • Degreasing: Wet blasting is an effective method of removing oil, grease and other contaminants from surfaces.
  • Corrosion removal: Wet blasting can remove corrosion from metal surfaces, preparing them for coating or repair.

Before the wet blasting WET BLASTING

After the wet blasting WET BLASTING with HYDRABLAST

Removal of rust, grease and imperfections NO DAMAGE TO THE SURFACE

Demonstration video WET BLASTING - Wet blasting HYDRABLAST

Characteristics of the wet blasting machines - WET BLASTING

Dato técnico / Modelo HYDRABLAST 900 HYDRABLAST 1300
Abrasive capacity
15 kg
25 kg
Tank capacity
30 litres
50 litres
Pump pressure
1-3 bar
Pressure blasting
2-8 bar
400V - 3 PH - 50 HZ
Internal measurements
770x800x800 mm
1,150x1,000x850 mm
260 kg
350 kg

Photo gallery wet blasting machines - WET BLASTING


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