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Success story: Stainless steel cleaning

ICER: Cleaning of stainless steel parts

  • Company: QualityFry
  • Locality: San Román de Bembibre, León
  • Need: Cleaning of stainless steel parts with mirror surface.
  • Substances to be removed: Oils.
  • Material of the parts to be processed: Stainless steel.
  • Installation: Rotary washing machine model DENEB 1200 Multiprocess.
  • Processes for the cleaning of mirror stainless steel parts: degreasing, rinsing and drying.

Stainless steel cleaning for a long-lasting shine

Have you ever wondered how to keep stainless steel parts in perfect condition?

In the fast-paced world of industrial production, maintaining the highest quality standards is imperative. 

QualityFrythe leading innovator in the cooking and frying equipment industry, has taken a bold step towards excellence by investing in an automatic parts cleaning system, specially designed to optimise its production process and add a finishing touch to its machines.

Through this strategic investment, the company has not only been able to maintain the integrity of its equipment, but has also improved operational efficiency and ultimately raised the quality of its products. 

Join us on this journey towards efficiency and innovation in industrial stainless steel cleaning.

QUALITYFRY goes one step further in its production with a multi-process cleaning machine for cleaning stainless steel fryers.

Due to an increase in demand for its automatic fryers without odours, fumes or mixed flavours, QualityFry was looking for a solution to the cleaning the mirror finish stainless steel of your fryers.

Process realisation prior to the installation of the DENEB rotary washer

Previously, this cleaning was done manually, with several operators cleaning the parts and fryers one by one.

This required considerable time and a slowdown in the production and delivery of new equipment.

With the new system, this process has been automated.

cleaning of mirror stainless steel parts

Solution implemented

In order to solve the clogging in the cleaning process, it was decided to opt for a rotary parts washer model DENEB 1200 with 3 processes.

The DENEB 1200 model has two 350L tanks, one for washing and the other for rinsing, in both of which the cleaning bath is recirculated, carrying out several washing cycles with the same water and detergent. 

The filtering system installed consists of a bag filter that keeps the washing bath cleaner for longer and with a filtration of 5 microns so as not to damage the parts.

Thanks to its oil separator disc, impurities and oil are removed from the upper part of the wash tank, keeping the water clean and at the same time reducing the amount of cleaning fuel and the contact with detergent fumes by the operators.

With all these processes and machine options, it is ensured that the cleaning of the stainless steel with mirror effect will be in accordance with the initial cleaning requirements.

Phases of the cleaning process of stainless steel parts

These are the 3 phrases that are carried out for the cleaning of stainless steel:

1. Degreasing

In the degreasing phase, a special high-efficiency detergent is applied to the stainless steel parts. This agent is designed to dissolve and remove grease, oil, residues and other contaminants adhering to the surface of the parts. 

The Model DENEB 1200 uses specialised technology to ensure thorough and effective cleaning, removing even stubborn contaminants, thanks to its pipe lines that impact on all surfaces.

2. Rinsing 

After the degreasing stage, the rinsing stage follows. 

In this phase, the stainless steel parts are subjected to a water rinsing process to completely remove the residues of the degreasing agent and any contaminating particles dissolved during the previous phase. 

Rinsing is essential to ensure that the parts are free of any chemical residues that may affect the quality of the stainless steel and maintain the mirror surface.

3. Drying

The final stage of the process involves drying the parts. 

To ensure efficient drying and to prevent the formation of stains or water residues, the Model DENEB 1200 uses methods such as hot air drying. 

This step ensures that the stainless steel parts leave the cleaning process completely dry and ready for the next application or process.

Crucially, the Model DENEB 1200 is designed to provide optimum performance at each of these stages, using advanced technologies and controlled processes to ensure effective cleaning and proper care of stainless steel parts. 

Successful implementation of these phases not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the parts, but also contributes to their long-term durability and performance.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of the stainless steel parts cleaning process using the Model DENEB 1200 offers remarkable results and substantial benefits.

This system provides effective deep cleaning by effectively removing grease, oil and other contaminants, leaving parts free of impurities.

The meticulous rinsing phase ensures the total elimination of chemical residues, guaranteeing the compatibility of the stainless steel and preventing corrosion. 

In addition, efficient drying with specialised methods provides a clean and shiny finish, maintaining the mirror effect of the required parts.

 ensures that the parts meet the highest quality standards and are suitable for critical applications in various industries. 

In addition, it translates into significant savings in maintenance costs by preventing the build-up of contaminants and contributes to improved operational efficiency by avoiding performance losses and unscheduled downtime. 

IMAGES of stainless steel cleaning process

Before cleaning:

After cleaning:

Demonstration video:


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