Ultrasonic turbo cleaning after

Ultrasonic turbo cleaning: The solution for optimal turbo cleaning

What is ultrasonic turbo cleaning and why is it important?

The turbo cleaning is a crucial step in the maintenance of any vehicle with a turbocharged engine.

The turbocharger is a key component of the engine's intake system that compresses the air entering the cylinders, increasing engine power and efficiency.

However, over time, the turbo accumulates a layer of dirt, oil and other debris, which decreases its performance and can cause operational problems.

The solution to this problem is a proper and regular cleaning of the turbo with an ultrasonic machine.

Turbo cleaning

Why is it important to clean the turbo with an ultrasonic machine?

Ultrasonic cleaning process of a turbocharger

Accumulation of dirt and debris in the turbo can have serious consequences on the turbocharger. engine performance.

The layer of dirt reduces the efficiency of the turbocharger and can lead to a loss of power and an increase in consumption of fuel.

In addition, dirt can clog up the turbo oil and coolant linesThis can cause turbo failure and damage the engine.

Turbo cleaning with an ultrasonic machine is important because it provides a thorough and effective cleaning of the turbo parts, removing all debris and accumulated dirt.

The cleaning action of the sound waves penetrates hard-to-reach areas, such as internal ducts and oil channels, ensuring that the entire turbo is completely clean.

The turbo consists of rotors and other very sensitive metal components that can be easily damaged if cleaned with aggressive or abrasive methods.

Cleaning with an ultrasonic machine is gentle and does not damage turbo parts.This is especially important for sensitive parts such as turbo rotors.


Turbo cleaning with ultrasonic cleaning machine

Results of turbo ultrasonic cleaning

At IBERKLEEN we have done many cleaning tests on turbochargers and we have many turbo customers using our machines. 

In the previous video, we showed a video of the cleaning of a turbocharger with our ultrasonic cleaning machines.

In this case, we use our special chemistry and a time of 30 minutes.

Here are the before and after photos ; )

Ultrasonic turbo cleaning before
Before cleaning
Ultrasonic turbo cleaning after
After cleaning

Conclusion Ultrasonic cleaning is an optimal method for turbochargers.

Turbo cleaning with an ultrasonic machine offers a number of benefits for workshops or specialists who wish to maintain and repair turbocharged engines.

 In addition to the gentle and effective cleaning of turbo partsThe ultrasonic machine offers the possibility to penetrate hard-to-reach areas, ensuring thorough cleaning and reducing the time needed for manual cleaning.

In addition, the purchase of an ultrasonic turbo cleaning machine can improve the efficiency and quality of service of the workshop or specialist, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and profitability. 

If you are looking to improve the quality of your services and gain a competitive advantage, investing in an ultrasonic turbo cleaning machine can be a smart and cost-effective option.

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