cleaning of electronic boards

Cleaning of electronic boards: advanced and effective solutions

Cleaning of electronic boards: advanced and effective solutions

Electronics have become ubiquitous in our daily lives, driving continuous technological advancement that forces companies to embrace these innovations to achieve steady growth.

All objects with an electronic board must not only be designed, but also maintained in an optimal way.

In this article we will show you how to clean electronic boards.

Cleaning of electronic boards

Why is it important to clean electronic boards?

One of the fundamental elements in this maintenance is the cleaning of electronic boards. Although it may seem a difficult or even challenging task, with the right approach it becomes an essential part of the electronic experience.

what to clean electronic boards with

Dirt, dust or debris accumulation are some of the main causes that affect the performance of electronic devices.

Isopropyl alcohol: The perfect companion for electronic cleaning

The isopropyl alcohol has gained an outstanding reputation as an effective and safe solvent for cleaning electronic boards. 

This chemical compound, also known as isopropanol or IPA, has become an essential ally in maintaining the integrity and optimal performance of our electronic devices. 

Discover how this non-corrosive solvent plays a crucial role in waste disposal and damage prevention in conjunction with the ultrasonic cleaning.

Benefits of isopropyl alcohol for cleaning electronic boards

Effective degreasing

Isopropyl alcohol is highly effective in dissolving and removing grease, oil and other residues accumulated on electronic boards. 

Its degreasing action, together with the action of the ultrasonic cleaning machines contributes to maintaining the functionality of the components.

Rapid evaporation

One of the key advantages of isopropyl alcohol is its ability to evaporate quickly without leaving residues. 

This is crucial when cleaning electronic boards, as it minimises the risk of short circuits due to residual moisture.

Electronic compatibility:

Isopropyl alcohol is known to be non-corrosive and safe for most electronic components. 

It can be used to clean printed circuit boards (PCBs), connectors, switches and other elements without compromising their integrity.

Residue-free drying:

Its volatile nature ensures that, when it evaporates, it leaves no residues that could interfere with the normal functioning of electronic devices.

Ultrasonic cleaning of electronic boards

The cleaning of electronic boards using ultrasonic technology has emerged as a revolutionary technique, offering an effective and gentle solution to keep electronic components in optimum condition.

electronic board cleaner

Ultrasonic technology uses high-frequency sound waves to create tiny bubbles in a special cleaning fluid. 

These bubbles collapse in a controlled manner, generating microcurrents and small explosions that efficiently remove dirt, debris and other contaminants from electronic boards. 

This delicate but powerful process has become an essential pillar in preserving the functionality of electronic devices of all kinds.

Steps for effective ultrasonic cleaning of electronic boards

 The cleaning of electronic boards with an ultrasonic machine and an isopropyl alcohol solution, is the perfect technique for perfect plates.

The first thing to do is prevention. 

Keeping the environment as clean as possible minimises the accumulation of dirt, thus prolonging the life of the plates.

Even if you take a precautionary approach, the time will come for cleaning, where you will have to carry out the process with care and patience. As these may be small parts, it is vital to use anti-static tools to avoid damage.

Ehe most effective method for cleaning electronic boards is by ultrasound in combination with isopropyl alcohol.

This technique uses high-frequency sound waves to remove dirt, debris and unwanted particles from electronic components plus the properties of isopropyl alcohol. 

This method goes beyond conventional techniques, offering a thorough and meticulous cleaning without damaging the delicate elements of the plates.

Safe disconnection

Before you start, make sure to switch off and disconnect all electronic devices to avoid short circuits. Next, you should start the process by disassembling the electronic board to access all components. This will make cleaning easier and prevent you from damaging components.

Ultrasound immersion

Then place the electronic boards in a basin containing 50% isopropyl alcohol with water. 

This liquid, which must be a mixture of water and alcohol, acts as a medium to transmit the ultrasonic waves efficiently through the plates. 

The electronic board is placed in an ultrasonic cleaning machine, which emits high-frequency sound waves that generate millions of tiny bubbles in the liquid.

These bubbles undergo a phenomenon known as "bubble bursting".cavitation, where they collapse and release energy in the form of microscopic explosions. 

These blasts provide intensive cleaning action, penetrating even hard-to-reach areas and removing particles that might have resisted conventional methods.

Adequate drying

When you are finished with the cleaning process you should rinse properly and make sure that the plates are completely dry before using them again, in order to avoid corrosion or short-circuit problems.

In conclusion, the combination of ultrasonic cleaning and isopropyl alcohol is the perfect formula for keeping your electronic boards in top condition. 

Follow these tips to ensure effective cleaning, prolong the life of your devices and enjoy flawless electronic performance. 

Discover the art of cleaning that transforms modern electronics!

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