paint stripping on metal

Paint stripping of metal parts: the new solution with ultrasonic cleaning machines

Paint stripping of metal parts: the new solution with ultrasonic cleaning machines

The manufacturing industry, in its constant search for more efficient and environmentally friendly methods, has undergone a revolution in the cleaning techniques of mechanical parts, particularly in the paint stripping process.

One of the emerging technologies that has gained popularity in this field is the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines for paint stripping.

With this technology, products harmful to health such as methylene chloride can be avoided.

Paint stripping of metal parts

Paint stripping on metal: A key process in industry

The paint stripping of metal parts is a critical step in the manufacture and repair of industrial components.

Efficient removal of old paint layers, corrosion and other surface contaminants is essential to ensure the quality and functionality of the parts.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are capable of stripping paint from metal using low hazard, low evaporation rate, methylene chloride free chemicals.

At IBERKLEEN we use tailor-made strippers according to the parts to be stripped, based on organic solvents, which incorporate benzyl alcohols and other components that offer perfect solutions without attacking more delicate metals such as aluminium.

What are the advantages of using ultrasonic cleaning machines for paint stripping?

paint stripping on metal
paint stripper for wheel rims

Cleaning Efficiency

The mechanical action generated by the ultrasonic waves penetrates even hard-to-reach areas, ensuring complete and uniform cleaning of metal parts.

No damage to the surface

Unlike some traditional methods, such as shot blasting, ultrasonic cleaning machines do not damage metal surfaces, preserving the structural integrity of the parts.

Toxic Waste Reduction

By using non-toxic liquids or aqueous solvents instead of harsh chemicals, the generation of hazardous waste is minimised, contributing to more sustainable practices.

Time and Cost Savings

The efficiency of the ultrasonic process, combined with the ability to reuse cleaning fluids, reduces downtime and costs associated with chemical waste management.

What considerations should you take into account when ultrasonic paint stripping?

At IBERKLEEN we advise you on the optimum paint stripping parameters to ensure the best result:

Material compatibility

It is crucial to ensure that mechanical parts are compatible with the cleaning fluid and the ultrasonic process to avoid damage or unwanted reactions.

Parameter optimisation

Adjusting the ultrasonic frequency, fluid temperature and other parameters according to the type of paint and contaminants to be removed is essential to achieve optimum results.

What steps do you have to follow to strip paint with an ultrasonic machine?

Prepare the pieces

Before stripping the paint, it is important to protect the parts from damage.

This can be done by using masking tape, paper or cardboard to cover the areas that are not to be stripped.

Fill the ultrasonic machine with water and the appropriate percentage of paint stripper.

The cleaning fluid must be suitable for the type of paint to be stripped.

Place the parts in the cleaning machine

Place the parts in the ultrasonic machine so that the paint is immersed in the cleaning liquid.

Turn on the ultrasonic cleaning machine to start the paint stripping process.

Turn on the ultrasonic cleaner and adjust the frequency and power according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Allow the machine's ultrasound to work for as long as necessary.

The time required to strip the paint will depend on the type of paint, the condition of the part and the frequency and power of the ultrasonic machine.

Remove the parts

When the paint is completely removed, remove the parts from the ultrasonic tank.

Rinse the parts

Rinse the parts with water to remove paint and cleaning fluid residues.


Paint stripping on aluminium rims

Our final tips for paint stripping with an ultrasonic cleaning machine

Use the right paint stripper

The paint stripper must be suitable for the type of paint to be stripped.

Get professional advice on how to set the parameters of the pickling process.

When it comes to paint stripping, let us advise you on the configuration, stripping agents, proportions, times, temperatures, etc.

Monitor the cleaning process

Monitor the cleaning process to ensure that the paint is coming off evenly.

Conclusion: Ultrasonic paint stripping provides optimum results.

The paint stripping of metal parts through ultrasonic cleaning machines represents an innovative and effective solution in the manufacturing industry.

The combination of efficiency, sustainability and preservation of part integrity makes this technology an attractive option for those looking to improve their pickling processes.

As ultrasonic cleaning technology continues to evolve, we are discovering new fields of application to offer innovative solutions for industrial cleaning processes.

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