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Flawless Prints: The Crucial Role of Ultrasonic Anilox Roller Cleaning

In this article, we will show you the most effective method for the cleaning of flexo rollers or anilox rollers through innovative ultrasound technology. 

If you're wondering how to keep your rollers in top condition for flawless prints, you've come to the right place. 

Join us on this informative journey that will transform your approach to anilox roll cleaning.

Cleaning of anilox rings


Developing effective cleaning methods for anilox rollers, tailored to the specific needs of the installation, should be an essential priority for any printing company. 

When properly implemented, these actions will be reflected in a long life of the anilox rollers and optimised ink transferThe new system is designed to improve the stability and repeatability of the printing process.

This procedure is essential at the pre-press stage and is an integral part of an advanced quality management system.

It is relevant to address the following questions: Why invest considerable sums in new anilox rollers? How much production time and resources are lost due to improper settings? Why risk business reputation and print quality? What is the best anilox roller cleaning solution for my print shop?

Identifying the optimum anilox roller cleaning solution for the printing press is a crucial issue and here we will give you the keys.

What are the most common problems when cleaning anilox rollers?

Anilox rollers are key components in the printing process, but they can face several problems related to their cleaning.

Dry ink tanks

Dried ink and pigments can accumulate on the surface and cells of the anilox roller, reducing its ability to transfer ink.

Old ink residues

Old ink that has not been thoroughly cleaned can harden in the cells of the anilox roller.

Contamination with other fluids

If the anilox roller comes into contact with incompatible fluids or incorrect cleaning solutions, this can lead to contamination of the cells.

Obstruction of cells

The cells of the anilox roller can become clogged due to the accumulation of particles, debris or dried ink.

Surface corrosion or wear

Factors such as corrosion or surface wear can adversely affect the ability of the anilox roller to retain and transfer ink.

Problems of transfer uniformity

Lack of proper cleaning can result in uneven ink transfer along the anilox roller.

Reduced roller life

If not properly maintained, residue build-up can shorten the life of the anilox roll.

It is essential to address these problems through a regular cleaning routine and the use of effective methods, such as ultrasonic cleaning, to ensure optimum anilox roller performance and consistent print quality.

The best method for cleaning anilox rolls

Imagine a cleaning process that goes beyond conventional limitations, a method that not only removes surface dirt, but also reaches the most intricate areas of your flexo rollers. 

The ultrasonic cleaning has become the new standardrevolutionising the printing industry and raising the quality of your productions.

Anilox cleaning

How the ultrasonic deep cleaning of flexo rollers works

Ultrasonic technology uses high-frequency sound waves to create micro-bubbles in a specific anilox cleaner fluid. 

These bubbles collapse in a controlled manner, generating small explosions that detach and efficiently remove even the smallest particles from the anilox rollers. 

This gentle but powerful approach guarantees a thorough and damage-free cleaning.

How is the ultrasonic cleaning process of anilox flexo rollers carried out?

Anilox roll cleaning machine

When it comes to flexography, every detail counts. Anilox rollers are essential for precise ink transfer, and their efficiency is directly related to their cleanliness.

Here is a detailed guide to the process:

Preparation of the roller

Remove the anilox roller from the press and make sure it is clean of surface ink.

Select the appropriate anilox cleaner

A suitable anilox cleaner must be used for cleaning inks if ultrasonic cleaning is to be effective.

At IBERKLEEN we have the right cleaners for perfect cleaning.

Immersion in the Ultrasonic tank

Immerse the anilox roller in the ultrasonic tank filled with the cleaning fluid and make sure that the roller is completely submerged.

Parameter settings

Adjust times and temperatures according to our indications to obtain the best result.

Cleaning process

Start the ultrasonic cleaning process and wait 20 minutes.

The sound waves generated will create micro-bubbles in the liquid, which will implode on contact with each point on the surface of the anilox roll.

This action efficiently agitates and removes dried ink and other contaminants from the roller cells.

In 20-30 minutes the anilox roller is as good as new!


After the ultrasonic cycle, the roller must be removed from the tank and rinsed to remove any remaining anilox cleaner.


Once dry, the roller is ready to return to the press as on the first day.

DEMO of our specific machines for cleaning for anilox rolls 

At IBERKLEEN we manufacture and design anilox roll cleaning machines according to your needs.

We customise sizes, vat dimensions, number of flexo rollers per cycle, etc.

We help you to make the cleaning of flexo rollers, not a problem but something very simple.

Why is ultrasonic cleaning of anilox rolls the best method?

The selection of an anilox roll cleaning technology should be based on the specific requirements of a given production process.

The key consideration should be an objective analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of specific cleaning methods in relation to the production profile and anilox roll inventory.

When evaluating aspects such as speed, efficiency, investment costs and environmental impact, the alternative that stands out as the most advantageous is the anilox roller ultrasonic cleaning system.

Other methods such as laser cleaning anilox rollers require very demanding parameters that very few machines can achieve.

Low-cost laser cleaning machines use a cutting laser source that damages the surface of the material and can cause permanent damage.

Furthermore, the time, risk and uniform cleaning of the surface cannot be compared to ultrasonic cleaning, which reaches every point of the surface equally.

All this has made ultrasonic cleaning the standard for anilox roll cleaning.

In conclusion, we can say that lUltrasonic cleaning of flexographic rollers is not just an optionThe evolution necessary for any serious printing operation. 

Discover how this technology has redefined flexo roller cleaning, raising the quality of your prints and extending the life of your equipment. 

Get ready to experience flawless flexo with the advanced cleaning your rollers deserve and contact us today!

At IBERKLEEN we advise you on the optimum parameters for the cleaning of anillox rollers

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