Parts washer rental

Renting parts washers - is it worth it?

Parts washer - Buy or rent? 

The cleaning of parts and components is a critical task in any manufacturing or maintenance process.

Many companies have to make difficult decisions about how to approach this task, including whether they should buy or rent a parts washer.

Although renting a parts washer may seem a more convenient and economical solution in the short term, the purchase of a parts washer can offer significant, long-term benefits.

In this article, we will describe the advantages of buying a parts washer and how it can be more economical than renting.

Renting parts washers, is it worth it?

Advantages and economic benefits of purchasing a parts washer

Full control

When you buy a parts washer, you have full control over the equipment and its use.

You can customising the washing machine according to needs (as opposed to rental parts washers which are usually standard), and have greater configurability over wash programmes to meet the specific needs of your business.

All this means you can optimise the efficiency and cleaning quality of your parts.

With the rentalIf you have a generic parts washer that does not meet all your needs, you may have to settle for a generic parts washer that does not meet all your needs.

Long-term savings

Although it may seem cheaper to rent a parts washer, in the long run, buying one may be more cost-effective.

Parts washers have a long service lifeare stainless steel washers designed for industrial use, which means that a one-off investment can provide years of use without additional costs.

Also, if you need a parts washer on a regular basis, renting can be more expensive in the long run, especially if you have to pay monthly fees and waste collections when you are not using it.

Productivity gains

When you have a parts washer available at all times, configured with the options you need for your task, you can increase the productivity of your business.

You don't have to wait for them to arrive to change the waste to have the bathroom in perfect condition for the cleaning process.

Maintenance is very simple and can be carried out by the company's own staff.

Tax benefits

The purchase of a parts washer can offer significant tax benefits.

You can deducting capital expenditure as depreciation expense over several yearswhich can reduce your tax burden.

In addition, it can also obtaining deductions for investments in manufacturing equipment and cleaning equipmentThis can further reduce their tax burden.

There are also grants and subsidies to clean technologies in different communities.

On the other hand, a very interesting option is to buy in instalments, whereby you can deduct the VAT on the instalments and at the end it becomes your property.

Depending on the term, the instalment is usually lower than the rental instalments and at the end the machine becomes your property.

Control over maintenance costs

When you buy a parts washer, you have full control over the maintenance and repair of the machine.

You can schedule in-house maintenance on a monthly basis to ensure that it is always in good condition. It is very simple.

Increased energy efficiency

Another economic benefit of purchasing a parts washer is the savings in energy costs.

When buying a parts washer, you can select a machine with energy-efficient features, which can reduce energy costs in the long run.

In addition, you can customise wash programmes to use only the required amount of energy and water, which can further reduce operating costs.

Waste management

Waste management is one of the points of those who defend the rental, but nowadays, there are many companies that take care of the management and the emptying of the liquid from the machine for a very affordable price.

Therefore, You only have to take care of filling the water tank and adding detergent again.

The average cost of handling a 100-litre drum is 80 euros.

Depending on usage, a washing machine can last for 2 months in the same bath.

Equipment of the machine

When buying a parts washer, you can choose which components and options you want it to have to help you in the cleaning process and improve the results.

For example, a disc de-oiler, which collects the surface oil from the parts washer tank and keeps the bath in optimum condition for longer.

They also come with a flush port for easy emptying of the tank and as many customisations as you need for your cleaning needs.

Rental parts washers do not usually come with such systems, making maintenance intervals shorter.


With the purchase of the parts washer, you can choose the detergent that best suits your cleaning and working needs.

Whereas with a rental you will be dependent on the generic detergent that is used in the bathroom, which is often less efficient than the detergent you buy from a specialised company.

How long does it take to equalise the costs of buying versus renting?

If we think about how many rental instalments the accumulated costs are equalised with the purchase, we usually find ourselves within a maximum period of 2 years.

The following graph shows the costs of purchasing versus renting a 100 cm diameter rotary basket model.

Within 14-15 months the accumulated rental costs would be equal to the purchase costs.

So, in case you buy the washing machine by renting or leasing in 14-15 months the machine will be your property.. paying the same or less than having a rental contract.

Hire parts washer VS Purchase parts washer

Do you still think that renting a parts washer is a good idea?

While it may seem cheaper to rent a parts washer in the short term, purchasing one can offer significant benefits in the long term and be more economical overall.

By purchasing, you have full control over the equipment and its use, you can save in the long run, increase productivity, gain tax benefits and save on other costs.

In addition, you can select a machine with energy-efficient features and customise the parts washer to reduce operating costs.

Considering all these benefits, purchasing a parts washer can be a smart and economical investment for any company that needs to clean parts and components.

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